If you look up the words perseverance, hard work and sacrifice in the dictionary you’ll see my moms name. First generation student working her ass off in university at 22 years old with a newborn. Trying her hardest to make a better life for herself, her baby, and her community. Rarely putting herself first and always making sure that I have everything I need to be successful in this life. One of the most deserving people I know. 

She turned 50 this year and I wanted to surprise her with a room reno, similar to my Sanctuary transformation that I shared in my Instagram Stories over the quarantine. [Watch now]. She’s done very little to her space since purchasing our house back in 2007, so I thought I would do it for her! The process is going to take a couple months, like mine did, but when @HavenSleepCo reached out about their mattresses I thought it would be the perfect start to the journey. These walls may be blank right now, but they won't be for long!!

Somethings that I love about Haven Sleep Co is that they’re a prod Canadian company that produces and sources whenever possible, from our beautiful country. I don’t know how many times I need to say this, but supporting local is especially important right now. Their mattresses are made in Mississauga (close to me!) and the bambo covers are sewn in Montreal. Also, for every 10 mattresses one is donated back to the community to shelters, charities or people in need💙. Such an amazing company, doing amazing things! 

Rest is one of the most important things that I preach about all the time and the best thing that you can gift your parents this season too. December is Un-Boxing Month at @HavenSleepCo + @HavenSleepCoUSA and there are tons of specials bundles for you to check out. My mother has LOVED her 14” Lux Hybrid mattress so far, says that it's the best one she's ever had. I can't wait to finish the entire room and see what she says about that too. Next up, is to paint these walls and get a frame from Structube for this beautiful @HavenSleepCo mattress [hopefully🤞🏽].



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