The Nike Dispensary

Runner's High is real people!

If you follow Nike Toronto on Instagram (which you should!) or have been around the city over the past week, you would've seen signs all over the place saying to "Call Pre". The signs are on billboards, in bus shelters, spray painted on the ground, and of course ALL over Instagram.

If you didn't, you're missing out! The Nike Loft got a complete transformation into The Dispensary and it's hella trippy. The floor and walls are covered in a crazy print and everything else is pink. There's coffee and matcha mojitos upstairs and lots of dope stuff for purchase (tees, laces, etc) too.

A treadmill is located at the back of The Dispensary for you to trial the Nike React. Lights surrounding the machine increase and decrease brightness and change colours as you run. "Breathe...breathe" this soft, calm female voice repeats in a meditative fashion. Even though I only ran for about 2 mins, a very calming feeling came over me. Running on cloud nine.

Now back to what I was saying about Runner's High. As Bill Nye #TheScienceGuy put it, it's "the calming euphoric sensation you get when you push yourself on a run". A feeling that I've experienced myself when I ran the Nike Women's Half-Marathon in San Francisco. As I crossed the finish line at the marine by the Golden Gate Bridge, I burst into uncontrollable tears of joy. The nervous system releases endorphins in response to pain and stress as you run resulting in that beautiful runner's high. Like I said runner's high is real...very real. If you don't believe me, lace up some React's and hit the concrete this spring!

The Dispensary is open:
4.20 - 4.30 
Monday - Friday, 4:20 p.m. until 9 p.m. 
Saturday/Sunday, 12 p.m. until 9 p.m.
Lesley ✌🏽

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