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Skincare journey is still happening everyone! I know it's going to be a lifelong process and I'm cool with that. I'll continue to speak loving words to my skin and make sure I take my makeup off every night! #hopefulthinking

I've been using for products from Neostrata Canada for the past two weeks and I can confidently say they're superb. The RESTORE PHA Facial Cleanser, ENLIGHTEN dual acid brightening peel, RESTORE Bionic Facial Cream, and ENLIGHTEN Vitamin C Concentrate officially have a permanent spot in my skin care rotation. I know you're probably curious about why I'm loving it so much. Well, let me tell you why they've been so perf and I'll leave all the product details at the very bottom for you to check out too.
I've never used an acid peel in my life and I wish I had sooner. Now it's not what you think, I thought to myself "omg if I mess up, my whole face is going to drop off", but nothing like that'll ever happen! My hyperpigmentation has slowly been fading during the weeks I've been using the Neostrata products. More importantly, no one can tell that I'm getting barely any sleep during this exam season because the Vitamin C Concentrate keeps my skin super radiant and the Facial Cream has been adding plenty of hydration.
These products have been a saviour and I'm going to keep them nice and close for my last semester before I graduate. Cues pomp and circumstance *throws grad cap in the air*. Woah, I'm getting a little ahead of myself. I got approved for a course overload, so I'm not looking forward to the extra stress I'm going to be under. Anyways, next semester my Neostrata family is coming everywhere with me because #thisismynewlayer!

Product Details:
Neostrata Dual Acid Brightening Peel
- 20% Hydroxy Acid
- Brightening peptide
- Use 1-3 times a week in the evening
- Leave on for 15-20 minutes

Neostrata Vitamin C Concentrate
- 10% pure vitamin C antioxidant
- Daily, single-dose capsule
- targets dull skin for overall luminosity

Neostrata Skin Recovery Duo
- soap-free, non-foaming formulation
- Facial cleanser 4% PHA
- Bionic face cream 12% PHA
- Ideal use after dual

If you have any of these, let me know what your experience is!

Lesley ✌🏽

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