Curly Girl Mixer

A couple weeks ago, the 2nd annual Up North Naturals Curly Girls Mixer had a bunch of beautiful ladies spending a few hours together at Kyroché Beauty Supplies in Ajax, Ontario.

Lisa Keizer, the CEO and founder of Up North Naturals, launched some new never-before seen products and we were all so excited to view a live demo of the products in action. To begin the afternoon, she welcomed us all and the first thing she had us do was tell the person beside us what we love about their hair. The next thing was to say what we actually love about our own hair... there was a very short pause with that second question before all of the ladies got right to it. Lisa said there was a time where she could hear crickets after asking that question to a crowd full of ladies with curly hair, but now everyone seems to love their natural hair more and more. Comparing the differences between what other people like vs what we like was interesting; as we all know beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Shailene Panylo is a public speaker and molecular biology & cosmetic science student that taught us all about the science of hair! All of the information she provided us with helped better understand what products would work best with our hair and how to build the perfect personal regime /routine. Key point: Your curl type (3a/b/c, 4a/b/c) doesn't matter as much as knowing the porosity of your hair. Once you know the porosity then you can apply products in a way that will best keep moisture in your hair.

We took a break to mix and mingle with each other, eat some treats and talk all things hair care, of course!

Then, Lisa brought us all back in with a demo of her new Rose Collection on one of the lovely Kyroché employees. She commented that the Up North Naturals product smelt so good while Lisa was styling. After hearing that I was really excited to try all of her stuff out myself! The first 25 people in line, which I was one of,  got samples of Curl Ease and  Healthy Edges from the Rose Collection along with other goodies.

Natural hair Youtuber and blogger, Simply Stasia, gave us some hair care tips and showed us all how to do a quick, cute flat twist hairstyle using Up North Natural products! One of the beautiful ladies in the audience got the same hairstyle done by Annastasia as well.

Auntie Jillian and her beautiful daughter Milan, surprised everyone by attending and vlogging the event as well! She updated us on what's going on in her life and caught us all saying "it's a real ting" on her video. I also go to meet the lovely Whitney Romeo, whom I've been following and watching her insane growth on IG. She has the most amazing hair, best cut ever and such beautiful curls!

Overall, the Curly Girls Mixer by Up North Naturals at KyRoche was an informative and inspiring event that united and empowered women of all ages and curls! I highly suggest any of my curly ladies out there attend the next event and get there hands on some Up North Natural products. I bought mine the next day and the Kyroché employee was right they smell amazing and work wonders!

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