SU/FA Transition 'Fit

Summer is all about Dynamite, shoot, ALL seasons are always #DynamiteStyle

I fell madly in love with Dynamite Clothing after working in the Scarborough Town Centre location back in 2012. I didn't spend many months working in the store,  as I managed 2 other jobs and full-time education, but the time spent there was long enough for me to fall...hard. The reason I love it so much is that the quality is superb, and it's for the everyday lady, but each piece can be dressed up or worn casually. You'll see in this lookbook that I decided to go with the latter.
Jodianne Beckford Photography

The belted maxi kimono is a thin, silky material with beautiful jacquard detailing making it the perfect piece for work appointments, date night or brunch with the girls. It sold out in literally a couple days! I slipped up and decided to wait to purchase my size and ended up having to get an extra-small (they just RESTOCKED!). The "burnt camel" open back halter top is the best transition for summer into fall. It's obviously a fall colour and is knit, but combined with the halter and open back it's great for summer too! The final piece that makes this fit casual is the super cute, light wash denim skirt. It's honestly essential for your wardrobe. Just like the other pieces, you can wear it on a hot date or you can simply go for a stroll in the park, whatever your heart desires. I need to make this known, ALL of the pockets are usable (I can't stand pockets made for aesthetic purposes), super key bit of knowledge I thought you should know before you go purchase it off the app. I finished up this look with my glam suede + gold Nike Roshe One PRM Suede "Gold" to keep the fit casual, but flirty. Sneakers > everything. Another important thing to note and hilarious story...

I typically wear a small... You know when you've already made up your mind about a cute shirt or nice pair of jeans, but when you try them on they don't actually fit you, so you make it work. Well, I'm in the change room and I slip on the small denim skirt (super easy, no problems), I grab a hold of the button to close the gap and zip up the skirt. It fits perfect around my hips, hugs my butt nicely, but then I see it, the infamous gap. Unfortunately, my waist is significantly smaller and the "almost 3 finger" space is visible. I decide to try on the extra small to come to my waist's rescue. Why is it that I could only get this one half-way up my thighs.  I cried, actual tears. Courtney, the sales associate that had helped me the entire time with my whole 10+ piece try on session, suggested that I pull it on over my head (if I really want the skirt). So of course, you know, I did. S T R U G G L E S. I get it past my shoulders eventually and tada! It fit, perfectly, hugged every single inch of my waist to thigh region. Complete bliss. Now, every time I wear this beautifuly skirt, I struggle to get it on/off and love every second of it because it makes me feel and look beautiful. 

Do any of you have a special piece in your closet that you absolutely had to have even if you had to "make it work"? Let me know, I'd love to hear your stories too! 


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