Wash n' Go Routine

People always want to know how I get my hair so "perfect", whether it's in person or on one of my social media platforms. As some of you know by now, I have decided to go on an amazing YouTube journey to talk about my hair, skin, travel and whatever else that my crazy mind comes up with. Currently, I have a "Welcome to my channel" video up, but the first official video I will be posting next Monday is a wash and go routine with my favourite hair care products - Up North Naturals. Don't forget to go enter the giveaway on Instagram!

I have high porosity hair, which means it absorbs moisture but doesn't retain it. With that being said, when styling my hair I need to make sure that it's soaking wet, in order for the products to work. Once my hair is drenched, I separate it into four section to ease the process. With each section, I spray more water to make sure they haven't dried and then put the product in each section. I apply 3 pumps of the Go-2 Hydrating Hair Milk and then 3 pumps of the Curl Ease Styling Lotion. The hair milk is the perfect leave-in conditioner that provides lots of moisture. The styling lotion has hold like gel, but slip like a conditioner. I love it!

Once all four sections have the first 2 products in, I take a loonie size amount of the Twist & Curl Butter and rub throughout my hair to seal in all of the moisture. I top of everything with a bit of 8-Oil Blend because all of the ingredients have amazing benefits!

You want to know those amazing benefits, don't you? Well... here they are:

Coconut Oil - nourishes and softens damaged hair
Avocado Oil - seals/penetrates; easily absorbed by hair and scalp
Grapeseed Oil - strengthens each strand; combats dandruff
Neem Oil - anti-inflammatory; relieves scalp
Jojoba Oil - penetrates scalp and hair shaft; softens hair
Lavender Essential Oil - improves hair growth
Rosemary Essential Oil - stimulates hair follicles; relieves dandruff
Sandalwood Essential Oil - antiseptic properties; excellent for stimulating blood circulation in the scalp to encourage optimal hair growth

The last step is drying...the most tedious, longwinded, monotonous step there is! Air drying alone takes minutes, no hours, actually more like days. So, I use a diffuser to speed up the process. Settings are cool and high. The amount of volume you achieve will depend on how you diffuse. I don't like a ton of volume on the first day because my hair gets bigger, and bigger, and bigger over the days.


Well, there you have it! That is how I achieve my perfect wash and go using Up North Naturals products. The natural ingredients and essential oils make it the finest products to touch my hair in a long time. The best part about the Up North Naturals brand is that it is a female black-owned business!


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